The Thor Costume: Become A Mighty Avenger

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The Thor Costume: Become A Mighty Avenger– Whip up lighting and call on hurricanes as the Norse god of thunder with a terribly cool Thor costume. This is a perfect chance to show off some brawn just after the successful release of the movie. These are a few of the best costumes available.

The prestige costume consists of a jumpsuit with 3 dimensional details of silver armor and gun metal details, a blood-red detachable cape and a helmet fashioned like the movie prop itself. The arms are ridged silver with black leather ends. The leg trousers also have silver details that match the top for a consistent look. This ensemble is ferocious, dominating and wickedly cool.

The Thor Costume: Become A Mighty Avenger

Agen Resmi Hammer Of Thor

Thor Girl Classic Adult Costume: Fun and Sexy Halloween

Be the female version of Thor and make fan boys go wild with this Norse goddess costume. After the critical and box office success of Marvel Studio’s Thor movie, it’s the perfect time to dress up as a Nordic firebrand.

Costume Elements

A knee-high dress that cinches at the waist, the dress is done in silver and navy with bronze piping. It comes with a detachable flowing red cape and a silver headpiece. The character crown band is a great Nordic detail. Add knee-high boots in the same shade of your cape and wield the Hammer of Thunder for a smashing Halloween. The dress is flattering and sexy without being revealing. The details are also faithful to the movie and comic props. Make sure to get the Hammer to make your costume look more authentic.

Thor Muscle Child Costume: Norse God of Thunder

Every kid enjoys playing dress up for Halloween. It is a time where fantasies are inflicted and wickedly awesome costumes are encouraged. Choose a Thor costume this year to coincide with the movie’s smashing success. If your son is a fan of the Marvel Comic’s Thor version then this makes it an even better choice.

Wield the mighty hammer of Thor with this officially licensed ensemble. The jumpsuit has dimensional details of silver and hammered gray armor for the chest. The pants have leather-like bands at the bottom and the arms are silver with black netting. The costume also comes with a muscle suit that will give your little youngster a major arm muscles to flex. The detachable red cape is another treat for kids who love to run and let their capes flap and trail behind them. The gleaming headpiece is fashionable close to the helmet worn by Thor in the movie with sweeping side wings to frame his face.

Add the mythical hammer that could summon thunder and hurricanes and your kid is all set to trick or treat for the night. You could dress up as a Norse god or goddess to coincide with the theme. The costumes are imposing and impressive but they are also flattering and comfortable enough to be worn all night.

Halloween Nordic Madness

This ensemble is great for kids who love superheroes. He will stand out amongst more common comic book characters with this Norse theme. The built-in muscular details will also delight your kid for having an instant buff physique. It’s a comfortable and ideal costume for trick or treating this Halloween.


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